Comparing BioGTL to Larger Plants - White Paper

NOTE: This paper should be read in conjunction with our white paper – “BioGTL Overview” which describes EFT’s breakthrough technology for building micro scale (58 BPD) plants that convert biogas into liquid transportation fuels.

BioGTL is a “Paradigm Shift” - The “knee jerk” reaction to a 58 BPD plant is typically “Why would anyone want to build a plant that small? It could never be economical.” But it can! It defies all traditional views of economy of scale. Once you understand and accept the concepts behind this approach, the surprise comes when you compare the results of building multiple small plants to the results of building of only one “more traditional” large plant.

EFT has worked with project developers on several renewable fuel projects, most of which never came to fruition. A few have. The timeframe for a large plant (1,000 BPD or more) is significant. When you include project development, fund raising, cost estimates, offtake agreements, detailed engineering, construction and start-up, these plants frequently take 5 years or more to reach full operation.

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