Emerging Fuels Technology (EFT) has developed a BioGas to Liquids (BioGTL) plant designed to produce Drop-In compatible transportation fuels, diesel, jet and naphtha (gasoline blend stock), from renewable biogas. The key to utilizing Biogas as a feedstock lies in shrinking the plant size to fit available biogas resources. The plant is designed for remote, unmanned operation at landfills, agricultural bio-digesters and wastewater treatment facilities that produce renewable biogas. These resources are sufficient to support several thousand BioGTL plants in North America. EFT’s BioGTL design delivers the lowest CAPEX per unit of plant capacity of any known Advanced biofuel pathway. EFT recently had a qualified engineering/construction fabricator provide firm pricing for the modules as well as estimated cost of installation in a gulf coast location. The result: this 1.1 mil gal/yr plant can be built and installed (US gulf coast) for under $200,000 per barrel of daily capacity. This is the lowest CAPEX for any known cellulosic renewable liquid fuel at any size!


  • Plot area required – less than 100 ft x 120 ft
  • Generates most of its own power
  • Requires no water source
  • Will run unattended with remote (satellite) monitoring equipment included.
  • Built entirely from truckable modules
  • Can be disassembled and moved relatively easily.
  • Product storage is included in cost estimate