Methane Mitigation – Flarebuster

Emerging Fuels Technology (EFT) has developed a new approach to gas to liquids targeted at methane mitigation or flaring worldwide. The design is covered by several new patents that result in a significant reduction in capex per barrel of daily capacity. The first fully costed version of this design makes 500 BPD of products (80% diesel/ 20% naphtha) from 6 million SCFD of gas (assuming 1,000 btu minimum). The plant consists of several already available pre-packaged systems together with several proprietary modules. EFT recently had a qualified engineering/construction fabricator provide firm pricing for the modules as well as estimated cost of installation in a gulf coast location. The result: This plant and can be built and installed (US gulf coast) for under $30 million or $60,000 per barrel of daily capacity.

Summary of Features:

  • Plot area required – less than 120 ft x 150 ft
  • Generates its own power (It does not require an outside power source for startup or operation)
  • Requires no water source
  • Will run unattended with remote (satellite) monitoring equipment included.
  • Built entirely from truckable modules
  • Can be disassembled and moved relatively easily.
  • Product storage is not included