BioGTL Overview - White Paper

Executive Summary

Emerging Fuels Technology (EFT) has developed a BioGas to Liquids (BioGTL) plant designed to produce Drop-In compatible transportation fuels - diesel, jet and naphtha (gasoline blend stock) - from renewable biogas. The key to utilizing biogas as a feedstock lies in our ability to shrink the plant size down to fit available biogas resources...

Summary of Features

  • Nominal capacity - 1,428,000 Gal/yr (100 BPD) or 7,140,000 Gal/yr (500 BPD)
  • Feedstock - Biogas with methane content between 48% and 62% for 100BPD, or RNG for 500 BPD
  • Plot area required – less than 100 ft x 200 ft (for both sizes)
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