Established in 2007, Emerging Fuels Technology (EFT) is a technology company focused on the development and implementation of methods for producing synthetic/renewable-fuels and chemicals from a variety of carbonaceous feedstocks such as natural gas, biogas, biomass, municipal solid waste (MSW), carbon dioxide (CO2) from industrial processes and from Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology and bio-derived oils. The company is a recognized authority on Fischer-Tropsch (FT) synthesis.

Additionally, we have developed considerable expertise in upgrading technologies for making fuels and chemicals. We have also applied our upgrading technology to a wide range of non-FT feedstocks such as algae oils, plant oils and plastics.

EFT licenses its technology to clients developing projects for production of synthetic/renewable fuels and chemicals from a variety of feedstocks. Our offerings include technology licensing FT synthesis and upgrading technology for client projects along with start-up support and training services. We also provide a range of related engineering and laboratory services which include, catalyst testing, analytical services, process development, process simulation, producing product samples, process scale-up, engineering and design, and technology evaluations.

EFT also intends to Build, Own and Operate a (BOO) projects based on our BioGTL and FlareBuster technology.

Pilot, Demonstration, Scale-up and Commercial Experience of EFT Personnel

EFT personnel have a broad range of GTL experience earned while serving in key technical and managerial positions at Syntroleum.  This background includes design, installation, start-up and operation of pilot and demonstration plants ranging from 2 BPD to 70 BPD.