EFT's New Upgrading Technology Maximizes Jet - White Paper

New EFT Upgrading Technology - Better Yields, Better Products Since the publication of our white paper "Optimizing Fischer Tropsch Products" (Sept. 2019), EFT has developed an improved process (patent pending) for the production of middle distillate fuels that delivers a higher yield of the desired products when compared to classic hydroprocessing strategies. The highly isomerized nature of these products dramatically improves cold properties of both diesel and jet. The process was optimized for use with the syncrude made by EFT's high alpha Fischer Tropsch (FT) catalyst.

MaxxJet Mode - In the MaxxJet mode, EFT can now increase jet yields to near 80% jet with 20% naphtha.

Selected ASTM D-7566 analyses were completed on the jet sample by the EFT Laboratory. The EFT Laboratory results are incorporated into a EFT SPK Jet Specification Sheet attached. A key feature of the jet product is the very low freeze point while utilizing the full distillation range allowed.

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