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Emerging Fuels Technology (EFT) operates a catalyst and process development facility in Tulsa Oklahoma. Originally built to test and develop Fischer-Tropsch catalyst, the EFT R&D Lab has been upgraded with several modifications that greatly expand its capabilities allowing it to serve as a platform for catalyst and process development for a range of alternative and renewable fuels programs. EFT has conducted numerous confidential catalyst testing and/or development programs for third parties all over the world. We have also produced numerous finished product samples from feedstock provided by our clients (example: Jet fuel from algae oil). The R&D Lab is fully staffed and operational and can be producing results for your development program immediately. A description of the equipment and operations available is given below with a few ideas with respect to how they can be used. The facility operates on a 24/7 basis and all our reactors can run in an uninterrupted manner from weeks to years.



All of the above fuels have been made in our laboratory as part of the upgrade development process. Several simulation models have been developed to allow us to calculate yield of targeted products based on syncrude alpha, upgrading catalyst combination and operating conditions selected.

In all cases above, the product slate will include naphtha (gasoline blendstock) (C5 to C9) range material. Additionally, the upgrade strategy includes some combination of hydrotreating, hydrocracking and hydroisomerization with a distillation column designed to separate the products. In some cases, a portion of the alcohols and olefins found in the light end of the synthetic crude are blended into the final product to improve certain properties such as lubricity. The ability to control the iso to normal paraffin ratio without excessive cracking is essential to maintain high product yield while achieving required cold flow properties.

* If you intend to make fully synthetic diesel to sell directly into the market place review our white paper – EPA Fuel Additive Requirements for Diesel in the Thought Leadership