Technical Support

Technical Support – EFT offers a suite of on-site field services to supply you with the support you need to get your plant up and running and keep it that way.

  • Check-out & Commissioning includes on-site start-up, commissioning and test-run support
  • Catalyst support ensures that your catalyst loadings are handled properly and loaded to EFT standards
  • Troubleshooting for on-site or remote monitoring for safe and economical operations
  • Inspection Services during plant fabrication and start-up
  • Mechanical Engineering Support – EFT facilitates fabrication, delivery and erection of shop fabricated modules used in our licensed technology


EFT provides training courses to all licensees designed to properly equip your operating and maintenance staff with the competencies they will need to maintain and operate your GTL or XTL plant safely and effectively. We offer both on-site training and “Simulation” training at our Tulsa facility.

Engineering Services

For more information on how we can combine our laboratory capabilities with our engineering capabilities to create a fully integrated research and development program for development of third party technologies, give us a call.

Licensee Support

EFT can provide process engineering support for scoping and feasibility studies to support site selection and early stage project evaluations. This may include process optimization related to feedstock characteristics, product variations and cost sensitivity to various options.