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XTL (X= coal, biomass, municipal solid waste)

EFT can provide “balance of plant” designs to fit virtually any gasifier technology. Many of the modules designed for our GTL applications can be adapted for XTL applications, reducing project cost and schedule. In addition, EFT has FT catalysts optimized for the lower H2/CO ratio typical with XTL projects.

Because of the wide variations in feedstocks and syngas technology used in XTL projects, complete characterization of the syngas components is critical to a successful project. EFT typically conducts a number of tests in our laboratory and in third party laboratories in order to identify all of the potential contaminants and determine the best solution for removing contaminants from the syngas to protect the downstream FT catalysts. Typical contaminants include:

If the gasifier technology provider needs assistance with syngas cleanup, EFT can help select appropriate commercial clean up technology.