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For GTL projects EFT has embraced a philosophy of “employ the best, develop the rest” in order to provide a solution based on commercially proven components that have been integrated into a complete, sound, verifiable and financeable package!  For XTL projects (biomass, MSW  or coal) we can provide the syngas clean-up (when needed), FT synthesis and product upgrading with integration into the plant provided by others in most cases.

Plant Construction

To simplify and standardize our technology packages and lower development and delivery times, EFT is establishing a series of  “Reference Design” GTL modules for Syngas production, FT synthesis, Product upgrading, Plant Process control Systems and certain utility systems that are common regardless of site conditions.

Collaborating with the entire supply chain is vital to ensuring that each project can be delivered on time and on budget. EFT utilizes a MRP (Management Resource Planning) system to support the shops who supply EFT designed modules for licensee projects.


EFT’s staff have been responsible for the design and/or operation of numerous demonstration facilities as well as having direct experience in the design and operations of several commercial plants. This experience translates into designs with emphasis on ease of operation and maintaining design output throughout the full production cycle.  Our designs typically allow for a  scheduled annual regeneration and maintenance program.


EFT supports the business success of its Licensees by providing top class engineering and technical support. We also offer project specific operator training to ensure a smooth start-up and ongoing operation of each plant incorporating our technology.

On-Going Innovation

Recognizing that technology never stands still, EFT continues to push the boundaries to enhance the performance and economics of our technology. Although many inventions and improvements will come from the lab and pilot operations, many will also come from commercial plant operations.  In that regard, we have established a path for all our licensees to benefit from both.  Our license agreements give you access to the inventions and improvements that come from both EFT and other licensees, keeping you current with new developments as they occur.