Our Buzzworthy Month of Media Attention

Remember how we told you mainstream publications were catching wind of our sustainable fuel production technology? It started with TIME, who featured us both on their website and in their print edition, and The Wall Street Journal followed closely behind. While that was going on, our newly unveiled Maxx Jet and Maxx Diesel proprietary methods made headlines in several corners of the internet, and Futurology.life named us one of the most innovative Oklahoma-based oil and gas companies.
A special note: there is a need for more fuel to be made in the US. Energy independence is really needed, as is reducing carbon emissions. We intend to provide both as our investment level increases, and we would appreciate your
More on the Bandwagon: Mainstream Attention for EFT Continues
Today, we’re sharing another huge feature. We’ve had this one in our pocket for a while, and have been waiting for it to go live so we could tell you about it.
On Monday, USA Today featured EFT in its “U.S. Department of Agriculture” Special Edition print issue (also available to view online
here). The article, which begins on page 22 and mentions EFT on page 24, looks at how biofuels like ours could benefit farmers, whose “crop residue” can be converted into low-carbon fuels.

Our Founder and President, Kenneth Agee (shown above), weighed in on the issue, noting the “need to start prioritizing ways to create sustainable fuels with the lowest carbon footprint possible.” Of course, at EFT, we already have the methods to do so. Our specialty from the start has always been converting waste—from landfills, wastewater, and even cow and pig manure—into renewable transportation fuels that already work with existing jets, trucks, cars, ships, and more. And since launching our company, we’ve only refined our process.
The main takeaway from the article is clear: sustainable fuels may be in even higher demand than previously thought—but more needs to be done to flood the market with them. That’s why, in part with the funds raised through our current
offering, we’re scaling our business globally, expanding our infrastructure to make our own sustainable fuels in the U.S., and licensing our tech worldwide.

Learn how you can help us bring governments and corporations all over the world closer to their decarbonization goals—while also making a profit for our shareholders—on our
offering page. There, you can also invest in EFT and find a link to our SEC-qualified Offering Circular.

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