Climate Change: The Worst Investment (unless we address it)
Private businesses such as ours offer a solution that is not government-controlled.
Earlier this week, we told you about last week’s
report by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change—and as you may recall, it wasn’t pretty. The data showed that governments all over the world will need to do much more (including embracing low-carbon, renewable transportation fuels like EFT’s). Hours before that report came out, the US Office of Management and Budget came out with their own, equally unpretty assessment. Their findings suggest that disasters made worse by climate change (e.g. flood, fire, and drought) could eat up as much as $2 trillion of the federal budget, and you don’t need to be an economist to know that’s bad.
It’s clear that climate change isn’t just a government issue—it’s a financial one. 
Let’s not even try to guess what the government might do.
We are a private company, aiming to scale, make profits, and contribute to two things:
  1. American energy independence (by making sustainable fuels in the USA)
  2. The decarbonization megatrend (by scaling our tech all over the world)
We know from experience that our renewable, sustainable fuels can reduce greenhouse gas emissions while generating profits. That’s because, with each new report, the demand for clean solutions increases. We think we’ve come at the perfect time to meet that demand, with a strategy to globally scale our company which is already in motion. With help from the funds raised during our current
offering, we intend on building our own plants to produce and supply sustainable fuels to corporations right here in the U.S. And at the same time, we’ll continue to license our revolutionary fuel production tech worldwide.

Find out more about how your investment can help us aid governments in reaching their decarbonization goals on our
offering page. There, you can also find our SEC-qualified Offering Circular.
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