Something you may already know about EFT is that we are working every day to scale our business, powered in part by the funds raised during our current offering. We are always researching and developing new methods to improve our process of creating clean, sustainable transportation fuels. Today, we’re very excited to share two new methods which we’ve been working on for some time now.
On Tuesday, we introduced our proprietary Maxx Jet™ and Maxx Diesel™ methods, which employ a unique catalyst system optimally configured to pair with our state-of-the-art Fischer–Tropsch (FT) patented technology. The process provides a scalable, sustainable path for converting FT synthetic crude into very high yields of high-quality jet and diesel fuels. In other words, we’ve refined our process even further, so now we can produce better and greater quantities of jet and diesel fuels.
We’re getting so much press on this story that it’s hard to pick just one article to share. But for starters, you can check out its coverage on
Aviation Pros, Green Car Congress, or Advanced Biofuels USA.
In fact, even before its unveiling, we used our Maxx Jet™ technology to create E-Jet® (which you may remember as the world’s first fossil-free jet fuel) for the U.S. Air Force in partnership with next-gen tech company Twelve. Going forward, we plan on integrating Maxx Jet™ and Maxx Diesel™ into our BioGTL® and FlareBuster™ plant models, as well as licensing it alongside our Fischer–Tropsch system for renewable fuel projects worldwide. Multinational firms are already talking to us about this, and now more of the press is talking about us too.

To learn more about EFT’s cutting-edge sustainable fuel production technology, or to make an investment to support our global scaling, please visit our
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